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Get Your Cartoon Machine Here!

August 12, 2013

Edmontonians, here’s a chance to buy my comickxs!

Andy Grabia

This spring, illustrator and Edmonton expat Mike Winters published Cartoon Machine, a “best of” offering featuring many of his greatest creations: McScoop the News Dog, Pair Bond, Daggers & Dexterity, Edmonton Stories, Lynx Jinx and, of course, Wonderdick. It’s a beautiful little comic book, and has only been available to close friends and those living in the Toronto area. That is, until now.

I have in my possession a box of Cartoon Machine comics, as well as Wonderdick fridge magnets. Mike brought them to me a few weeks ago, and after realizing that he isn’t going to let me keep them until after he is shanked by the real-life Time Professor and their value goes through the roof, I have decided to share them with the fine citizens of Edmonton.

Issue One of Cartoon Machine is $10. Fridge magnets are $2. I have just under 100 copies of the…

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