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Back in April!

March 27, 2018

current mood

Took a break but the cartoons will return! Will start publishing again later in April.

McScoop approves

January 10, 2018


McScoop’s Christmas column

December 21, 2017


From the desk of McScoop…

November 29, 2017


Office Dude has a moment

November 15, 2017


A bit busy, but alive.

November 1, 2017

Hello. Just posted a comic but I also haven’t updated the site in a while. Just wanted to say that I’m not quitting cartooning, just extra busy with work until Christmas. Don’t be surprised if there’s a lot of 3-panel cartoons until then! Look forward to more time in the new year…


McScoop is back in the saddle

November 1, 2017